TopSpot was founded in 2008 in Athens Greece specialising in film location and production services undertaking domestic and international adverts, feature and short films, TV series and celebrity photo shoots.

Why filming in Greece

Greece nowadays is an inviting filming destination. All the Public Services and the Local Authorities collaborate well to attract international productions. 


Greece is a part of South Europe  

Yearly:  clear sky/sunny days= 60%, Rainfall 20%, Coldest month is January  (Average 6-13 Celsius), Hottest month is August (Average 24-34 Celsius), Sunlight Duration (Average 10-12 hours)


In Architecture (a mixture of East/West/Old/New Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Retro)

In Nature (Pure Natural Landscape Sea, Mountains, Rivers, Valleys, Fields, wild Nature, Desert)


Small distances with a variety of locations 


Cash Rebate 40%

Incentives 30%

Greek Hospitality

Friendly and Inviting crew, workers, local businesses, people, Hotels, Catering, Transportation (Great Touristic Background)

Competitive Rates

Filming Crew, Rentals, Materials in comparatively low cost